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"In the past year, I have attended a number of the seminars in the Straight Talk Senior Living Series, ranging from senior living alternatives to how to dispose of your "stuff" after you downsize!  Mary Eikenberry, the moderator of these seminars, has put in a lot of time selecting appropriate panelists and organizing the discussion topics for each monthly seminar.
I have always found the panel members to be very knowledgeable and professional in their fields of expertise.  They do a great job in presenting insight into the topic of discussion for the day, as well as answering questions from the attendees both during and after the conclusion of the seminar.  In addition, the panelists provide very useful handouts, check lists, business cards, etc., in case you would like to meet with any of them at a future date.
I encourage you to attend just one of these Senior Living Seminars. I'm certain you will feel it was time well spent and will want to attend more!"

- Rich H., Johnston, IA

“The Straight Talk Senior Living seminars are an invaluable resource for seniors or anybody who knows a senior.  It is a great way to share information.  As a presenter, I have appreciated the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the participants.  As a bonus, every time I attend a seminar, I learn something!”

- Ross F. Barnett


Abendroth Russell Barnett Law Firm

"My wife and I have been attending the Straight Talk Senior Living Seminars for almost a year.  At the time we signed up for our first seminar, we were both skeptical about what value they would be to us.  We can say, without hesitation, that they have been extremely valuable and a great resource.

It all begins with the moderator, Mary Eikenberry.  She has been the consummate professional from making you feel welcome to organizing the speakers that present topics of value and that are not a waste of your time.  The meetings are the right length to stay focused on the subject for that day and to answer questions that you might have.  If you need to meet with a speaker to discuss your particular situation or topic more in-depth you can do so.  We have been in contact with two of the presenters for further discussions and have been very pleased with the results we gained from each one.  We have never felt like we were sitting in a meeting where the presenter was attempting to get us to buy something.  We would encourage anyone who is contemplating attending a meeting to do so.  They don't cost you anything other than a little time out of you day.  We believe you won't be disappointed."



- Scott & Diana M., Monroe, IA

"I began researching Des Moines area senior housing options in the fall of 2018.  Every move I had made as an adult was with my husband.  Now a widow, I had to make this decision on my own.   A friend told me about the Straight Talk Senior Living Series. 
Each meeting I attended provided more information as I continued my research.  These sessions ranged from determining what kind of senior housing I really wanted: rental apartment or a buy-in, how to find that housing, how to sell my house, how to determine what belongings to keep and which ones I could part with.  Most sessions had a panel of experts in their field who supplied information pertinent to my situation. These ranged from other seniors who had been through a move, people who could assist in the moving process, legal assistance for wills and trusts.  Just about everything I needed. 
Even though I have now moved, I continue to attend the seminars I can.  There are tips to be found at each and every session!"



- Janet J., Waukee, IA

"We first met Mary Eikenberry several years ago at a Senior Life Conference at Prairie Meadows.  We were impressed by her pleasant manner, professionalism, and knowledge.  Since then we’ve attended many of her monthly "Straight Talk Senior Living Series" seminars.  She brings in presenters she has confidence in who speak about issues of special interest to older people; i.e., health care, downsizing, legal matters, senior living options, Social Security, taxes, etc.  We’ve learned a lot about local available resources.

We are at a stage in our lives where we’re considering transitioning from the home we’ve lived in for 62 years to a senior living community.  Mary is a Certified Senior Housing Professional and Senior Real Estate Specialist.  She understands the needs of people in our age group.   She’s helpful, pleasant, honest and trustworthy.  When we’re ready to sell our home and make the move, we’re confident we can trust Mary to do the best she can to help us."



- Ray and Mary K., Des Moines, IA

"My husband and I started attending the Straight Talk Seminars last fall after we heard about them from Mary, our Realtor, when we were looking for a new home.  The seminars have been on a variety of topics with panels of professionals in those areas.  The topics have all been interesting and well presented.  Some of them were appropriate for where we were at in the process of moving and we found them very useful.  Others were helpful for the time of life we are in. They were well done and we came away feeling like we had learned some things from each one of the seminars!  A side benefit came from being able to visit with the people at our table who had similar interests. Mary has done an outstanding job with the choice and presentation of the topics.  We look forward to attending more!"



- Nancy & Ron J., Johnston, IA

"We attended the 2019 Straight Talk for Senior Living Series. With Mary Eikenberry’s credentials in the area of senior living, she assembled a very valuable series. Each ninety- minute meeting provided a wealth of understanding as to how to prepare for possible changes in our lives.  The topics are so specific. We had realized that we needed to address many of the issues discussed.  These seminars provided the information needed to actually do what was needed.  Each seminar has a panel of experts, people who are actually in the field working with seniors to make living transitions possible.  Presenters create an atmosphere so friendly and open. The question and answer period at the end of each session presented such real-life scenarios.  These scenarios actually emphasized the importance of Straight Talk for Senior Living Seminars."


- Pat and Steve K, Johnston, IA

We love the monthly Straight Talk Senior Living Series.  They have all been so well-presented and filled with valuable information for us Seniors.  The panelists who help present the various topics are so  knowledgeable, and are experts in their fields.  The last topic on “Communicating with Adult Children”, which was presented on the Internet because of Covid-19, was excellent and done so beautifully.  Thank you so much.


- Arline & Bernie E, Johnston, IA

The Straight Talk Senior Living Series seminars  really are of great value to seniors--and you can tell that by the number of people who return each time.  I appreciate Mary's professionalism and how the information provided is truly geared at education and doesn't feel at all like a thinly-disguised sales pitch.  Many of the topics covered in the seminars might seem complex or overwhelming, but the way Mary guides the panelists in presenting the information leaves participants feeling more educated, and therefore more confident, about their options.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to seniors and those supporting them.

Tisa Johnson, Senior Transitioning Services




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